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Companion Care Services

Companion Care Services  |  $45/hr

Introducing Cottage Companions, your local companion service committed to brightening the golden years of our beloved seniors.


We provide a host of engaging activities and personal care services, keeping you or your loved ones entertained, active, and comfortable in their home environment.

Our offering ranges from leisurely golf cart tours around the neighborhood to invigorating walks that marry fitness and fun. We spice up meal times with food preparation assistance, turning the mundane into a culinary adventure. Our team also provides light housekeeping assistance, maintaining the tidiness and comfort of your home.


But we are more than a service; we're a source of companionship.


We cherish the art of conversation and the warmth of interaction, whether it's through penning heartfelt letters or navigating the fascinating world of the internet together. We also foster cognitive stimulation with engaging puzzles and entertaining card games, because mental fitness is just as important.

Cottage Companions is not just about lending a hand, but about sharing smiles, stories, and creating joyful moments in everyday life. We're here to help enhance the quality of life during your golden years, making them as vibrant and fulfilling as they can be.


Come, embark on this wonderful journey with us. Because at Cottage Companions, every day is a day well spent!

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